Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kevin and Kelley Engagment Shoot

SO very excited about this one, will be doing their wedding in October and I am stoked! We did this shoot in beautiful historic downtown St. Augistine. This was so much fun and we did get in quite a few laughs. I am very excited for these two, they are very much in love and it shows!

The Cook family

I knew Jennifer in high school and thanks to facebook we have caught up with each other. 
Grandma and Grandpa got in on the action as well. Love when family can live so close to each other.

They live on the gorgeous Wekiva springs so we had the shoot in their backyard, it worked out perfect because then the boys could go for a swim after the shoot and that got me some great smiles!

Johnson Family

I have known Heather for quite some time now, she came to the hospital after Conner was born. She had Micah right after I had Conner but then decided to keep going! This family is just so sweet and you can see the love they have for each other!
The bugs where awful that morning and ate us up!  Poor little Micah had a huge bug bight right on his face. The kids and adults did great though and the pictures came out amazing!

Love this one!

This is great, you have to show a sense of humor every once in awhile!


The Macdonald Family

So here is how this shoot started, the original date had to be cancelled because of the rain and then our meeting location was closed so had to quickly find another spot that would be just as great, and I have to say it was!Mackenzie was a doll baby, literally!  She just sat there and looked pretty with lots of smiles, a photographers dream come true.  Loved this precious baby girl and so did the camera!  Oh and how can I forget the dog, he was a trooper and did a great job as well.  This was my first time with a dog in the family portrait, but as you may know dogs are a huge part of the family as well.

My little brother and his beautiful family

My little brother is now a daddy to a precious baby girl, that is still hitting me that he is a dad!  This was taken at Washington Oaks, a gorgeous state park great for photos.  The whole Stone boy clan was allowed to come for this shoot and we had a blast!  They where a huge help getting little Brooke to smile and of course she would for her goofy cousins, oh the memories they will make together!

Sweet girl!

So blessed to have this family in my life, love them so much!

Getting some cousin love!

Amelia Rose Asbury

I know Michelle and Brian Asbury from church.  Sweet family and has a love for children and it shows!  This was my first newborn photo shoot, was a little nervous at first on how this would go but Amelia was a trooper and did an awesome job! 
My favorite about little girls is pink and tu-tu's!  Having three boys I don't see that much so I was all about it during this shoot!lol